Cookery Apps

So far, the going has been great. All the live wallpapers have ratings averaging more than 4 out of 5. Thank you all for the support and encouragement. 

We have a couple of new apps that have been released on the Play Store and this time, it's the turn of cookery apps.  We have released the following two apps:

  1. South Indian Cooking
  2. Indian Vegetarian Cooking

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Devotional Wallpapers

As promised, we have released a few live wallpapers for Android. These are Hindu - devotional wallpapers. You can find them at

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Upcoming Apps

Expect a slew of apps from us starting with some Live Wallpapers for Android.

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Appogee is born!

With an objective to create great apps for the greatest of platforms like Android, iOS, etc., Appogee has been founded. We aim to take the experience to the heighest point in the app universe.

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About Us

Appogee is an effort to create great apps for great platforms. Our apps vary from appealing live wallpapers on Android (TM) to utility and gaming apps.
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